"GARUDA" is a bird called " PERIYA THIRUVADI" in Tamil is the vahana of "SRI MAHAVISHNU".

  He is worshipped for those who are all having Pakshi (Bird) Doshas and Naga doshas.

  He loves "BLACK PEPPER AND SALT".The Prasadham for offering to Garuda is "WHITE PONGAL" (Ven pongal) in Tamil.
"VARAHAR" avatharam took for the purpose to save "BOOMA DEVI" from Hiranyakshan who is the brother of Hiranyakasibhu.    

"VARAHAR" is worshipped by people those who are affected by others and the bad thoughts of others from the surrounding eye dhrishtis and to save from circumstances to protect the belongings of oneself.
"SRI NARASIMHA AVARATHARAM"is one which is the best avatharam for "FAITH".
  SRI MAHAVISHNU came from "STAMBHAM"(pillar) in Hiranya kasibhu palace.
  Numerous times Hiranyakasibhu attempted to murder his own son.
"PRAGHALADAN" means loves by everybody.Because of his full "Faith"
  SHRI MAHAVISHNU Saved PRAHALADAN'S life every attempts.

At one point of time Hiranyakasibhu wants praghlada to show without believing "MAHAVISHNU" asked his son to show "SHRI HARI" in the "STAMBHAM" of his palace with full faith, Praghladha told that he was in that particular pillar to prove his full faith "SHRI MAHAVISHNU" came out from the pillar with the sound of"LION". His appearance was Lion face and the body of Human having sharp Nails which is nothing but the "SUDHARSANA CHAKRA".

"SRI NARASIMHAR" destroys Hiranyakasibhu and blessed the "CUB PRAGALADHA" added "LAKSHMI'S" blessings and gave Mukthi to pragaladha after some period.Prasadam for 'SRI LAKSHMI NARASIMHAR' is "GHEE AARTHI IN OPEN COCONUT AND JAGGERY WATER WITH CARDAMOM POWDER".
"HAYAGREEVAR" is the god for Vidhyai. Students' studies will be taken care of "SRI HAYAGREEVAR".The prasadam offering to "SRI HAYAGREEVAR" is Rasakantam in Sanskrit i.e ( Kalkandu in Tamil) .

He prefers to wear 'SANAKA HARAM' i.e(KONDAKADALAI MAALAI in Tamil)and Cardomom (Elakai maalai).
He gives more wealth also.

"SRI HAYAGREEVA" is having the face of Horse.The right hand shows Abayahastam to protect during the life tenure.The Left hand with "SRI LAKSHMI" and the two upper hands holds "Panchajaynam" and "Sudharsanam".The nose of "SRI HAYAGREEVA" smells out the students vidyai graspings.
"Anchaneyar"(HANUMAN)is a God for Bhukthi, Strength, Boldness, Fearless, Powerful Tongue keerthi etc. He is "CHINNA THIRUVADI" in Tamil, to SHRI MAHAVISHNU. People preys him for the above and Anyonya strong relationship between one and one i.e Wife and Husband, any other relatives to others.

He loves 'Bananas' as prasadam.He also attracts for "MASHABOOBA HARAM"  (Vadai maalai with hole in Tamil),(Vada garland with hole in English).He is saving the devotees who are having severe illness for which the devotees should apply 'Butter' in Hanuman's body particularly in the Chest and the Tail every saturday.
In this Sannidhi SRI Lakshmi Narasimhar appears in five faces starting from right to left .
First Face : SRI GARUDAR : Facing North
Second Face  : SRI VARAHAR : Facing North East
Third Face  : SRI NARASIMHAR :
Facing East along with Senchu Lakshmi Thaayar
Fourth Face : SRI HAYAGREEVAR : Facing South East
Fifth Face    : SRI HANUMAN : Facing South
All are under the shelter of Sri Aadisheshan. The Cub Praghladha stood and worshipping Sri Panchamugha Lakshmi Narasimhar seva on behalf of all the Devas. In this Sannidhi , poojas are performing on daily . Every Thursday,Saturday and Swathi Star at Prodhosha period 5.30P.M. I.S.T. special pooja is being done at this Sannidhi. Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar solves all the problems of devottees visits this Sannidhi those who are coming with full faith.